Shota Imamura

About Me

CEO of Nefront Inc. and 2nd year master's student at the Rekimoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo.

At Nefront Inc., we primarily work on an indoor AR cloud system called "IndooAR." This system locates indoor positions based on image recognition and serves as a platform for providing applications that offer guidance and information display.

At the Rekimoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo, my research focuses on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). My research has included proposing systems that use Large Language Models (LLMs) and vector searches to provide information and support discussions based on conversation, as well as developing gaze-based interaction methods that allow for comfortable operation while browsing content.

Through my business and research, I aim to utilize AI and AR technologies to realize a world where the information you want is in front of you.


2023/4 - Present

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Rekimoto Laboratory

2019/4 - 2023/3

College of Information Science, School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba​

2012/4 - 2018/3

Tokai Junior High School,  Tokai High School


2021/6 - Present

Nefront Inc. CEO

We are developing solutions that provide the information you want in front of you, such as indoor AR cloud service "IndooAR," a system that identify indoor locations by image recognition, present information, and provide guidance.

2020/1 - 2020/9

2Zigexn Co., Ltd.  PM Intern

As a Project Manager (PM) intern at 2Zigexn Co., Ltd., a strategic subsidiary of Zigexn Co., Ltd. (now CORDA Co., Ltd.), I was involved in the development of apps and the launch of new web services.

Award & Honors


Best Paper Honorable Mention at Augmented Humans 2024
Serendipity Wall: A Discussion Support System Using Real-time Speech Recognition and Large Language Model
Shota Imamura, Hirotaka Hiraki, and Jun Rekimoto.


Dean's Award, School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba


Peer-Reviewed Full Papers at International Conferences

Peer-Reviewed Short Papers and Abstracts at International Conferences

Peer-Reviewed Papers at Japanese Conferences

Demo and Poster Presentations at Japanese Conferences

Scholarship & Grants

 2024/4 - Present

Selected for the WINGS-CFS Program at the University of Tokyo Graduate School 

2023/10 - 2024/3

Selected for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' Startup Creation R&D Support Program, ICT Startup League, Support 1(as Nefront, Inc.)